Fill out this form with information that will printed in your Modlbook™.

Model Information

Model Information for magazine
  • Model Info

  • Your modeling name eg. Maryln Monore. It will be on the cover.
  • The phone number people will reach you or your manager at. I recommend you get a free number at Google voice to route your calls if you don't have one and install the voice app on your phone to get messages and voicemails.
  • Background

  • Describe a little about yourself. Spell check it and read it back out loud. If you make a mistake it will get printed. Here is an example. Since and early age I have always had a passion for modeling and acting. Modeling is getting to create art for a living and nothing is better than that. Being in front of the lens striking poses is relaxing and gives me an escape. Having the chance to travel and work with amazing people is my favorite part and it’s what drives me.
  • Companies, Magazines, Events you have worked with or for.
  • Eg. Ice Cream, Tupac, Zelda, Singing
  • In feet eg 5'6
  • Bust, Waist , Hip eg, 36C-24-28
  • Color and Length
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.